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Hi! I'm Andi, or known as "The Fittie RN" on social media.

I am a registered nurse, certified personal trainer/fitness coach, certified nutritionist, and nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor. I haven’t always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle; in fact, I used to look down on those who did! After some inner reflection, I realized that it was actually MY INSECURITY ABOUT MYSELF that led me to feel this way about those who were taking care of themselves through exercise and healthy eating habits. The day that I “woke up” and knew I needed to change has led me down this figurative “rabbit hole” into a brand new life. AND I LOVE IT! Exercise, eating in ways that make me feel good, knowing that I’m prioritizing my health in the long run – I can’t get enough! Fast forward 6 years later, I am here and ready to help YOU on your journey because I HAVE BEEN THERE! Whether you are just starting your journey or ready to take yourself to that next level, my goal here at Evolutionary Performance Systems is simple: combine my nursing background with my passion for wellness to help YOU achieve your goals, while staying rooted to the principles of evidence-based practice. 

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