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M.S. Applied Exercise Science, B.S. Nursing, RN, CISSN

Hi there! My name is Francesca Campos, and I am a Certified Sports Nutritionist and nutrition coach at EPS!

Although I have a background as a Registered Nurse, I have found a passion within the nutrition and fitness industry in 2016, when I started my own journey as a strength athlete. Taking care of people when they are at their sickest has further fueled my passion in helping people achieve optimum health, so they can live long and full lives! My goal is to help strength athletes dial in their nutrition to help them optimally perform in the gym, and optimally live their life!

My journey started in August 2016, when I was first introduced to powerlifting, after never being consistent at the gym, or in any sport for that matter. I quickly decided to sign up for my first meet, and that is when my journey began with finding out how nutrition and strength sports worked together. My interest piqued, and I decided to further educate myself on the topic. In January 2017, I enrolled in a masters program specializing in sports nutrition. In April 2018, I became a Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and graduated my masters program in August 2018. 
As a powerlifting athlete, I have competed in local, state, and regional meets. My passion for the sport has allowed me to pursue my certification as a USAPL Club Coach and as a USAPL State Referee. To commemorate my fitness and nutrition journey thus far, the “before” picture was the day before I started my powerlifting and nutrition journey. The “after” picture is 6 years into that journey. Your fitness and nutrition journey is a lifelong one, and I would be honored to be your nutrition coach along for the ride!

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