About Hanna

M.S. Exercise Physiology Student, B.S. Dietetics, Pn1

My name is Hanna Mungo and I am a training and nutrition coach for Evolutionary Performance Systems.

I am passionate about both nutrition and exercise and believe with proper education and guidance it has the ability to transform people’s lives and can impact all areas of your life – including both physical and mental health. I got started with my own fitness journey in January of 2013 due to me being unhappy with my body. I started out very uninformed, which led to restrictive dieting and excessive cardio. I did lose weight, however, the restriction eventually back fired causing me to gain it all back plus more.

I started out doing excessive cardio, body weight workouts, and being very restrictive with my food choices, only allowing myself to eat “healthy” foods. Which in turn leads to binging, shame, and even further unhappiness with myself. During this time I also began lifting weights. This I quickly fell in love with. I was still very uninformed, as I taught myself to lift on my own with my very little knowledge at the time. After a couple years of lifting progress began to slow tremendously. I started following experts in the field of exercise science and came to the realization that I needed to become smarter and more strategic with my training if I wanted to continue to progress.

This caused me to become further interested in the science behind training, leading me to where I am now, pursuing my masters degree in exercise physiology.

My personal experience and interest in nutrition is also what led me to get my bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. I want to be able to combine the science of both exercise and nutrition, as these go hand in hand, and are two areas I am passionate about. After I complete my master’s degree, I plan to complete a dietetic internship so that I can become a Registered Dietitian. I believe this will further enhance my credibility, knowledge, and experience working with people when it comes to nutrition.

I want to help educate people to make informed choices when it comes to their diet so that they can make sustainable lifestyle changes, by creating new habits, and no longer falling for fad diets and all the misinformation surrounding nutrition. Along with pursuing master’s, I am also working on a few certifications, to further my knowledge. Which is something I will always strive to do as a future professional and coach in the field of nutrition and exercise.

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