About Keon

Certified Personal Trainer, PES, CNC

Hello! My name's Keon Hill! I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Nutritional Coach.

I am studying for my Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences at Morgan State University. With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, my goal is always to strive for greater health & fitness.

My expertise is barbell strength training and body recomposition. I prioritize these two aspects of training because of their impact inside and outside the gym! Aiming for optimal performance, all while having an amazing physique can impact you in ways you would have never imagined!

I began my journey of health & wellness when I was 17 years old. I ran track and field with zero knowledge of sports, as I never competed in any at the time. I quickly learned that I had a gift for athleticism and my love for training started here. I started as a Biology major with a concentration in Botany. My heart wasn’t in the right place, so I followed what I was made to do and never looked back since then.

I was always the “skinny kid” but had washboard abs. I used to think that abs were all that mattered. I was also under the impression that you have to do an outstanding amount of crunches to get where I thought I was. Eventually, I learned that there is more to building a physique and overall strength than “having abs”. I began to read more about exercise science , researching more about training & nutrition protocols, alongside networking with other fitness professionals in the field to get where I am today.

I always appreciated the journey and it’s always my greatest pleasure to share my story with anyone coming to me about training. You never know what you can do until you throw yourself at it!

My goal is to teach proper fitness and nutrition through research and experience. With fitness and health becoming more popular, I believe that simplicity is the best tool for adherence & making your fitness journey life long.

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