About Melanie

B.S. Electrical Engineering, CPT

My name is Melanie Cvijanovic and I am a certified personal trainer for Evolutionary Performance Systems.

I am dedicated to helping people reach both their physical and mental goals through fitness. I want to teach my clients WHY they’re doing what they’re doing, and make sure the goals are reached in a safe and sustainable way!

I graduated from ASU with my BSE in Electrical Engineering in 2019, and have been working full time as a System Test Engineer since then. I very quickly realized this is not what I want to pursue for the rest of my life, and immediately started trying out different routes (going back to school, getting a math degree, tutoring) and really just wasn’t passionate about any of them.

I’ve been “lifting” for years, but I didn’t actually know anything about strength training or took it seriously until a few years ago – I finally hired a trainer and he completely changed the game for me. I specifically remember telling him I was not interested in competing EVER and could never see myself as a personal trainer because “I don’t like people”.

Fast forward to the end of 2020 and I started playing around with the idea of bodybuilding and competing in the bikini division, and started prep in December. I’d say I’ve learned more through this experience than anything combined.

After getting more into training myself, and doing my own research by reading and watching videos I realized how much false information there is out there. I too, used to be one of those girls that bought the standardized “peach plan 2.0” to try and build muscle….. lol. After months of dedicating time to learning more about fitness & nutrition, I finally signed up to get my CPT. I want to be able to share my knowledge with my clients and give them the tools they need to successfully maintain their goals for the rest of their lives.

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