About Zion

Founder of EPS

B.S. Electrical Engineering, CPT, Pn1, CFSC-1

My name is Zion McAndrews and I am the founder of Evolutionary Performance Systems.

I am a certified personal trainer & certified nutrition coach. I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. My goal is to help individuals achieve their goals whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, strength, functional movement, or general health through science.

My fitness journey began when I was in High School, weighing around 250 pounds at 5”6. Since then I have lost over 150 pounds in my training journey. I use to be obese, unhappy with where I was at in life, and desperately looking for answers. This change didn’t happen overnight, but over the years of 2016-2019. In these years, I took control and changed my entire life by taking my life ‘by the horns’ and deciding to shred down, add muscle, and become a better me, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and in my community.

Over the course of my training years, I realized how much I love training, sport science, and helping others reach the goals they wish to achieve through physical, intellectual, and emotional development. When it comes to coaching & fitness, I’ve been through the ringer when it comes to different stages in my journey; from obese to thin, thin to thick, and finally being shredded. 

Throughout the years of being involved in the fitness industry, I can for sure say I’ve had a first hand experience of spending too much money on cookie cutter programs, trying things that don’t work (training wise & diet wise), and lacking research based information.

I have decided enough is enough! I have taken the leap into the coaching world because I want to save YOU the time I wish I could have saved earlier on. There is no need to takepart in super restrictive diets, ineffective training, and stagnant progress. I want to be the change in the fitness industry where the client comes first, information comes from evidence based research, and show my clients why they are doing what they do. I plan to bridge the gap between elite coaches and general population coaches, my goal is to make YOU the best you can be in all areas of your journey!

Individualized Training & Nutrition Coaching

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