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Evolutionary Performance Systems' Mission

Evolutionary Performance Systems was created to bridge the gap in the fitness industry by bringing evidence based training and nutrition to EVERYONE. In today’s world, the fitness industry is saturated with countless diets, workout routines, and the “next best thing”. Evolutionary Performance Systems strives to remove the clutter of misinformation and deliver sustainable evidence based training, nutrition, and movement coaching for your specific goals. We aim to deliver this through a community of highly trained, educated, and experienced individuals. Whether you are an athlete or just starting your journey, the fundamentals of training, nutrition, and movement should never be unattainable. At Evolutionary Performance Systems, we are dedicated and focused on helping our clients reach their goals in the most efficient, sustainable, and effective way possible through science.

Meet The EPS Coaches

Our team is composed of highly trained, educated, and experienced individuals passionate about helping you reach your goals.

Zion McAndrews

Founder of Evolutionary Performance Systems
B.S. Electrical Engineering, CPT, Pn1, CFSC-1

Christopher Lee

Doctorate Of Physical Therapy, M.S. Kinesiology, B.S. Exercise & Sport Science, CSCS, CPT, EIM-1, USAW-1, TPI-C, FMS-1

Krystal Corrette

Doctorate Of Physical Therapy, M.S. Biomedical Informatics, B.S. Biochemistry, CSCS


Certified Personal Trainer, PES, CNC

Devan Apodaca

Certified Personal Trainer, CNC


M.S. Applied Exercise Science, B.S. Nursing, RN, CISSN

Andi Jacobs


Melanie Cvijanovic

B.S. Electrical Engineering, CPT

Andi Jacobs


Hanna Mungo

M.S. Exercise Physiology Student, B.S. Dietetics, Pn1

Abby Kirschler

Student DPT, B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS, CPT, Pn1

Individualized Training & Nutrition Coaching

Let our coaches help you find a training & nutrition plan optimized for your lifestyle and goals.

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