Eating Well

Nutrition has always been part of my life ever since I’ve been a kid with my mamma practicing naturopathy all her life.

If  you’ve seen my past photos you can see when I hit my teenage years I  began to not care about the foods I was digesting. I was solely eating  for pleasure and nothing more.

When I began to lose weight, gain  muscle, and change my lifestyle, I learned the importance of food in  regards to our entire body.

Over the past few years I’ve been  observing how much people forget that their bodies can’t just create  things out of thin air, by things I mean energy, proper functioning,  skin health, hair health, and even happiness!

Eating an almond, a  cup of coffee, and a dinner at some random restaurant with it ending up  being a pizza is not going to leave you feeling good for the upcoming  days or even the current one.

Just because you don’t feel as if  anything is wrong now doesn’t mean there’s nothing to improve on either,  that is because you’ve made living deprived of Whole Foods, essential  vitamins, water, etc the normal for you.

You won’t feel the  difference until it becomes a lifestyle and all of a sudden you go and  eat a large Mac & cheese dish and feel as if you’re leaking cheese  out of your pores, wanting to shove a vegetable in your mouth for some  nutrients.

I am NOT saying do not eat Mac and cheese, but to not justify your current level of functioning as the normal.

Trust me, I went through this issue as well for a long time.

Your body is one giant scientific process.

How  can you expect to have energy, feel happy, and your brain functioning  at optimal performance when you haven’t given your body anything to work  with?

The cliche saying of:

“You are what you eat”

Is more apparently true than ever.

Our society has made food an emotional viewed aspect of our lives opposed to what food really is here for:


If you wish to take this further just as I did, tonight take out a piece of paper and write:

1. How are my current eating habits?

2. Am I eating to serve my performance, health, and output?

3. How can I improve my current habits?

As always thank you for reading 😊

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