Is Living a Positive Lifestyle a False Reality?

I was recently asked “Is thinking positive about things all the time, the same as running from your problems?”.

My response to this was “Nope!” now let me explain why.

I truly believe in living a positive lifestyle can mold the reality we live in daily.

How you choose to attack each and everyday is ultimately up to you.

Of  course I know when things are going “bad” and I can easily detect when  my life isn’t heading in the up direction we all want all the time. That  is the logical side of things with summer comes winter, but the logical  side of things also gives a very powerful statement.

Most things don’t matter in the long run.

Here  is how I personally interpret that, if most things don’t matter in the  long run dwelling on them is pointless when life will always move  forward whether we think about these things, experience events, or not.

Being  positive all the time isn’t running from your problems but in fact it’s  being aware that you CHOOSE the things you give power to.

Adapting  a positive mindset can show you how fragile everything in life is and  how much we voluntarily give power to the things that don’t truly  matter.

Late to work?

You woke up this morning.

Rough test score?

You have another exam.

Caught in traffic?

Listen to your favorite tunes.

The  universe and life will always keep on moving forward whether we want it  to or not, whether we care about the negatives or positives of life,  leaving us to CHOOSE what we focus on throughout our days.

It’s  not running from your problems but changing the perspective we view them  in, making them most of the time even easier to face head on and  conquer them.

Problems will only have enough power as we give them. .

Every morning when you wake up realize your life is in your control and you always choose to look at the events in your life.

Start looking at what you have instead of what you don’t have.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

For the toughest of challenges remember the most positive thing you can embrace…


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