Self Talk

How are you talking to yourself?


Listen to the things you say to yourself daily.

Are you saying things like:

Today is going to suck.

This is hard.

I can’t do this.

I’ll try to do this.

I wish I could do that.

Maybe I will _____.

See a pattern? These phrases and mindsets affect your life tremendously.

How you talk to yourself daily affects you! .

The  minute you say something is hard you’ve already proclaimed your reality  to be that way making the situation or event 10x harder than it truly  is.

The minute you say: maybe, I’ll try, or I wish. You have  immediately taken away the power of choice and declaration. You have  immediately given the choice of your life to something other than  yourself. You’ve made something become a possibility instead of  certainty.

Start practicing by saying:

Today is gonna be a great day!

Today is in MY control!

I will!

I can!

I love myself too much to not do ___.

It sounds cliche and simple but I promise you, it works!

I  have changed my daily speech to myself over the course of almost 3  years and the noticeable changes in choices, habits, and lifestyle.

After all don’t forget…majority of the conversations you’ll have in this life are with yourself.

Make sure they’re pleasant and filled with happiness, love, and positivity!☀️

Don’t forget YOU control your reality! 😉

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