Client Testimonials

"Just wanted to inform you that my front rack and overhead locked positions are infinitely better now. I can also receive weight into my shoulders from overhead so much better now. Thanks for your help!"

- Travis K.

KAlie G. - Combo Training & Nutrition Client
Weight Loss Phase & Maintenance Phase

For probably the first time ever, I'm pretty ok with where I'm at. And you helped me get to that place.

Laura M. - Maintenance Phase

My scrubs that I bought a size up are almost too big, my sweatshirts are roommy again, and my leggings are fitting back to normal!

izzy e. - weight loss
Sebastian A. - Nutrition Client - Weight Loss
Miranda J. - Training & Nutrition Client
Training & Nutrition Client

Kate S.

Krystal and Chris have helped me so much with my bench form. Who knew using your legs in bench would give you 2x the strength. Highly recommend mobility coaching and training through EPS Strength!

Bobbie C.

Omg I LOVED it. I felt wayyy more stable but also my ankles and supporting musculature were challenged so well. I felt so grounded. I may be hooked.

Reika C

The Mobility E Book is such an easy read, I like that it’s also designed well, not just a pdf with words and notes… Very informative! Going to do more mobility work on the days I’m not training with my coach & I’ll make sure to try out the following exercises listed!

"Coach McAndrews taught me the most valuable lesson I’ve ever received from a coach. It wasn’t how to squat, how to breath, how to lift - but how, what, and when to eat.

It may sound simple and rather invaluable but that’s where many go wrong. One can put hours, days, weeks into the gym but if you aren’t eating properly – it’s for nothing.

A lot of us are already overwhelmed by the act of going to the gym and then breakdown when we have to eat. Life moves quick. We get off of work, we tend to our kids, we work on our businesses but coach McAndrews taught me how to cook efficiently and prepare for the unknown madness life throws at us every week.

Without this lesson, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Make sure your hard work in the gym isn’t in vain! It’s a much smaller portion of our overall fitness success/goals.

Thank you coach!”

- Thomas S.
Andi J.

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