The People In Your Circle

I talk about this one ALL the time because, I can’t stress enough how the people around you truly infect your daily life.

I’m bringing this up again because it is truly and I mean truly, ALWAYS relevant.

I  see daily people in relationships, friendships, family environments,  and work environments where we just accept the people in our lives even  though most of the time we have a choice.

Of course, as with  anything in life sometimes you just have to deal with it for the time  being. Although, this doesn’t mean forever.

The point of this post is to actively talk about and address the people you can control in your life.

We always can say:

“I’m use to it.”

“It’s okay, maybe they’ll change.”

“It’s fine I’ll just handle it so I don’t start drama.”



Unfollow those people who bring you down, you DO NOT have an obligation to keep following them.

Stop messaging those people who literally make you depressed, anxious, or any ill emotion ESPECIALLY without reason.

I am not saying absolutely leave on a bad note, go absolutely berserk, or anything.

All I’m saying is prioritize yourself and your time. Your relationships should nurture you, not destroy you.

It  takes so much more time and energy to force a relationship of any kind  to work opposed to those who naturally vibe with you, especially when we  are talking about ONE person out of literally BILLIONS of people who  could and want to see you prosper.

Love yourself enough to let go.

Be logical, be emotionally invested, be understanding, be considerate, but don’t forget yourself.

I  promise when you wake up and encounter a positively balanced  relationship,friendship, self proclaimed family environment, you will  EXPLODE!

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